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Super Sammy's fight

Sweet cocker spaniel lost his leg to t cell lympho

Growing up Sammy

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Growing up as Sammy was good. I think he had all the attention a puppy could ever want. It might have helped shape his personality but for potty training I kept him leashed to my side. He has been there ever since. He was always with me or pooh, so has never wanted to be alone. He is a lover not a fighter. As a puppy he wanted to give kisses more than anything! He was a little rough on technique though. He would scratch his little paws on your face while exuberantly expressing his love. He never understood why anyone would turn down his kisses. How else could he show how much he loves you? Sammy consists of 90% love 10% happiness if measured out. Possibly a little fainting goat in there too. He grew out of it but when frightened as a puppy he would freeze and fall over with stiff legs. If you ever saw a video of fainting goats that was Sammy. I wish I had a video of that it was hilarious. His dog sister/mom was there to teach him the art of snuffling. Which was to scratch and rub your self while upside down and groan as you wiggle around. His grampa Cat boo boo had no trouble teaching him to respect his elders! He would play Sammy’s head like a bongo if sammy got out of line. Man did that puppy head echo it sounded like there was nothing in there. Sammy was very smart though and used his skills to figure out what pleased his human. I remember him testing out different things to see my reaction. If he was making a face and got a aww you are cute response he would repeat it. He has a special library of things that his mommy likes. He is the opposite of his sister who very much did whatever she liked. Snuggling was an art form and our snuggle piles were the best! He became the heart of our pack and always will have mine.

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  1. Sammu! It is such a delight getting to know all a out you and your spunky self! so much personality wrapped up in that adorable mug of yours! 🙂

    A snuggling kissing love bug machine! You’ve got our heart too sweet boy!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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