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Super Sammy's fight

Sweet cocker spaniel lost his leg to t cell lympho

Sammy’s cats

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Sammy’s story wouldn’t be complete without his cats. That’s him in the blue collar above under Boo Boo. Best snuggle pile ever! So we talked about Boo and his dominating grandpa personality. But we haven’t talked about Kitten yet. Yes her name is Kitten …she is small and deceptively cute. We have a place up north and that is where we found her. The kids discovered her on one of the atv trails. She was tiny could hardly open her eyes. I knocked on everyone’s door remotely close by but no one knew where she belonged. We probably scared her mom with the atvs and she dropped her while moving her. Kitten was too small to survive so we had a new baby much to Sammy’s chagrin. She had to be bottle fed for a few weeks. Boo Boo was getting on in age and Kitten drove him nuts. She doesn’t take no for an awnser and sometimes any attention is better than none. So Kitten has been dive bombing and ankle biting ever since. She did learn the art of snuggling from Sammy. I have noticed she will take his advice. Boo Boo has been in my life since middle school. My fuzzy rock I guess. He has patrolled the house and kept order all these years. Boo made sure to check on all his subjects. When I fought with my ex boyfriends he was right there offering comfort..and possibly ready to pounce if needed. There were no rodents running  freely in his kingdom. He lived a whopping 24 years. Ioften asked him to live forever and he valiantly tried. Sammy and Boo had a special relationship which I think impacts what happened. In September of last year Sammy fell down the stairs. He was fine but I started to worry about his anemia coming back so we went for labs. The checkup was fine. Four days later he fell again this time he couldn’t use his rear left leg. We went to the vet but his regular vet wasn’t there, the substitute vet diagnosed an acl tear. We scheduled the surgery for 2 weeks later with his regular vet. Meanwhile Boo boo started to pee blood. He had been getting weaker but I took him in just to see if something could be done. He had an IV but was miserable and couldn’t walk. He got worse over night. Sammy and I slept down stairs with him. Sammy jumped off the couch and hurt his front paw also. I was wrecked by the morning. Watching Boo drag himself around in pain was horrible. So we had a nice home vet come over and he was able to pass on with all of us there. That week I found out that Sammy’s  acl tear was probably really pathologic fracture of the calcaneus. I think Boo decided that he couldn’t see Sammy suffer.

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  1. WOW!! Quite a delightful pack Mr Sammy has!!! So nice to get to “meet” everyone 🙂

    I love how all the pack likes to snuggle together. The phptp of Sammy and Boo is such a treasure. Yes, they really are best friends 🙂

    24 YEARS!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! That’s a whole lotta’ love crammed into those years!! I know you miss Boo terribly, but I think Boo headed to the Bridge so he could be a protective Guardian over you and Sammy. But he could do it feeling healthy and fit anf pain free!

    Tha ka for sharing the story of Sammy and his cats! Sweet!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Every dog needs a cat or two. Sammy is a smart dog knowing that their purring is healing. I like Sally’s image of Boo watching over you, Kitten and Sammy as the protector. Sweet photos.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  3. Beautiful images and wonderful stories! It is important to have your pals around whether you are feeling like chasing the mailman or whether you are feeling like it is a pink elephant day. Sammy and His Herd ( yes, Sammy, you have successfully herded cats!!!) are certainly inspawrational for all of us to cherish our loved ones and to get the heck along across the paw divide! Sammy, you are one extra cute, kissable, loveable boy! Keep on hugging and loving, Sammy! You got this paws down!!!

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