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Super Sammy's fight

Sweet cocker spaniel lost his leg to t cell lympho

Sammy’s story

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I will start at the beginning since cancer is only the latest chapter. He had a sister Empress or pooh bear we affectionately called her. Sammy is really hers. She was a momma dog who never got her own puppies. We lived with a boyfriend who had a four year old daughter for a while. Empress fell in love, she followed the girl everywhere. Which was sad because the little girl was forever looking for attention. So things didn’t work out and they left. Empress was heart broken. She cried and whined for three months straight. She would snuggle me and boo boo (my cat) and just cry. I should mention boo boo since he was the man of the house and a handsome Tom Cat of epic stature. So since I was not providing her with another child I got her a puppy. Little did I know he was the baby we all needed. I found him at the seven mile fair which is kind of a permanent garage sale here in Wisconsin. I saw him and it clicked he was sleepy and adorable. He also matched Empress they are both black and tan cocker spaniels. He was an angel puppy…compared to his sister. She was so energetic and chewed up everything including a fake leather couch. He was always with me or his sister. They were crated when I was gone mostly for her sake. He was a silly happy boy and got me through some rough lonely times. I had severe depression and anxiety when he was young. I worked third shift and slept most of the time that I wasn’t working. I probably wasn’t fair to them and should have gotten them out more. But they were sleepy lap dogs and we’re content to sleep all day play catch in the house and sleep all night. Boo boo was ever the man of the house and kept all of us in line. I had him since middle school and at the time I got sammy I was probably 22. We were my world and isolated as it was it was enough. We were a team and we had love.

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  1. I just read that Sammy’s cancer has come back and I am so sorry! He sounds so laid back and like such a loving dog! I’m wishing you all the best and that you find something that works for him and, mot importantly, keeps him happy and pain-free! All the best to both of you!
    tina & Manni

  2. supersammysmom

    March 16, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Thank you. This is the hardest time we have had. I struggle to be positive for him. He is my world!

  3. Loved reading about your delightful pack!!! What a crew!!

    Update us when you can about how you and Sammy, and the crew, are moving forward and where you are in this journey. We’ve all been through it and we understand the uncertainty and fear. We also understand how happy our dogs and cats are once they are pain free a d can get on with living life to the fullest! Sammy doesn’t count days on a calendar and he could care less about any ole’ medical reports! He does care about snuggling kn the couch with you and being loved and spoiled!!

    Looking forward to more updates AND pictures!! He’s sooo cute!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. I just saw your preciius blog post. Sorry I missed it before. They go up and down so quickly sometimes.

    Yes, continue to make everyday SAMMY DAY!! Include any yummy treat he wants…ice cream is always welcomed!

    Your love for Sammy comes shining through! You are doing an excellent job of staying strong for him! We are cheering for Sammy! 🙂

  5. What a wonderful family you have!

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